vaElement with Grasshopper - points as input?

Is it possible to have points/point cloud as input for a GH script inside a vaElement? I’d like to create a simple terrain mesh element that delaunay-triangulates the input points, without the hassle of opening GH, setting points and baking.
It’s possible for curves, which I used elsewhere. A point picking icon doesn’t seem to be displayed in the vaElement properties, though.
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Hi Eugen,
This is not possible right now. You can have individual Points as parameters (editable by Object or By Style), but not a point cloud. And achieving this having one individual parameter for each point I don’t think it is what you desire. We will study how to support this option.
Have you tried using a Lands Design terrain?

I played a bit with Lands Design terrain, but I’m not 100% happy with it. Will test further.

Hi Eugen, Why not? what’s missing? what would you like to achieve? I’ll be glad to hear your feedback about it.

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I was planning to give you feedback on Lands when time allows it. It has a lot on the good side, but the UI is… strange.
Regarding terrain: have used it too briefly to be sure. I had problems cutting a clean hole into it.

All right, I look forward to seeing that Lands feedback and opinion in its UI (maybe in another post).
Try to uncheck this option in the terrain parameters, and get sharp edges when you add holes or cuts and fills.

Also, delete the subdivision generated if you don-t get a closed mesh.

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