Vaelement style sub-element material assignation

  1. There doesn’t seem to be discernible logic to how the project’s materials are sorted in the flyout menu. With a lot of materials in a project, it’s a lot of searching to find the desired material.

Thus it’s tricky to discover the second problem:

  1. Custom Materials aren’t available in that flyout menu - at least not by name. I’ve created a new material named “dark glass” but that name doesn’t show up as an option. Materials I have created for this project in the past are listed, but those created today aren’t recognized. I tried saving and reopening the project but these materials still aren’t there. It’d be great to get a work-around.

Hi @djhg,

That’s true. We can order them alphabetically, in the same way as Rhino materials are shown in the materials list, or add a search button.

I can’t reproduce this behaviour. Can you share a model where this happens? Are you using Rhino Render materials or from other render plug-in?

I"ll upload it. I’m trying to create some darker glass for glazed assemblies, bujt custom materials I create don’t show up in the window or door styles material assignation flyouts.

@djhg, that’s very strange. I can see them all scrolling down the list of materials. Let me know if you do or see anything different…

I can’t see any new ones I currently create for the project. Can you?

Yes I do, it appears as the last item in the Material’s list. Let me know if you do anything different: