vaElement from Grasshopper - mesh output not working

It seems that suddenly the support for polygon mesh output stopped working in a script fed into a vaElement. If there is only a mesh output in the GH script, the vaElement styles wizard won’t continue over the Next button after loading the script. If there is some brep output, too, it works, but the mesh is not displayed when a vaElement of this style is created then.
Must be a regression. I had been using a custom railing GH script with a polymesh infill without problems.
Repro: simple. Just create any mesh input and output in GH, try to load into a vaElement.
VA 2.10.2

Hello @Eugen,

I could make it work with VA 2.11. I’ll send you in a PM the installer for this new version so hopefully the problem will be solved.


Thank you, Alfonso!!