VA3 - "Name of the file to open" Bug

Hey Guys, got a bug for you to get things started!

On open, after loading VA3, Rhino command line reads “Name of the file to open” and won’t proceed after that, like there’s an invisible prompt that it won’t proceed without clearing.

I found that if you open a second instance of R8 while that first instance is stuck, it’s possible to get past this issue temporarily.

Any guesses?

Looking forward to giving VA3 a try, the new feature list looks fantastic.

Hi Clayton,

Do you have your Rhino 8 set to use the .NET Core Runtime? VisualARQ still requires the legacy .NET Framework. We have received some reports from a crash when .NET core is selected.

I’m currently working on a quick fix that will be released later today. The following VisualARQ features will require to change Rhino to use .NET Framework:

  • Grasshopper Components
  • Grasshopper Styles
  • Script API

We will add support for .NET Core before the final release.

In order to change the .NET Runtime, just run the command SetDotNetRuntime and select “.NET Framework”. You may need to run Rhino 8 in Safe Mode.



That did it, now to get to work!

Thanks, @enric for the super fast response!