VA2 - Prevent windows from locking to a wall

Hi there

I am looking for a way to prevent windows from “locking” on to the nearest wall. I have a sectiondetail (see picture) where the window comes in front of a short base wall. The window is made with a custom gh-style while the wall is just a normal vaWall. Currently if I place the window in front of the wall, the wall disappears. I tried custom opening profiles but those didnt really work. If I put the windows in a separate Block it kind-of works but if I edit the block it tries to move them back into the wall.

Is there a good way to prevent objects from interacting with each other?

Hi @phhs,

You can achieve this by defining an apropriate window alignment and window alignment offset. For instance, in the following example I changed the window alignment to exterior first:

Then, I changed the window alignment offset as 0.135 m. This way I am telling the window to separate 0.135 m from the wall exterior boundary where it is aligned:

Also, if you want to make sure the window doesn’t perform a hole in the wall, you can define the window cut depth as “None”:

Here you have the file I used: Window.3dm (2.8 MB)


Perfect, thanks a lot!

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