Va Subtraction from door inside block undoes when block closed

  1. Make a solid to subtract from a door leaf
  2. Make a wall with a door and one without a door.
  3. Make the doorless wall into a block.
  4. Open the block for editing
  5. Add the door and the solid to the block and insert the door into the wall.
  6. Subtract the solid from the door leaf.
  7. Close the block, and the subtraction undoes itself.

All those steps might not be required to create the unwanted undo, but it’s the route I took. It may happen if all the objects are created within the block.

Hi @djhg,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We will keep you updated about it.

It seems worth mentioning that I do not see how to make a custom door which proliferates everywhere on a project with the acknowledged issue above as well as the one acknowledged here:

Resolution of one or both of these would be very helpful, or a tip on how to efficiently accomplish subtractions (glazing) and additions (push bar) to doors without copying and pasting the solids at every iteration of a door, and then performing subtractions and additions not only for every door, but also every time any door is moved.

Hi @djhg,

You can create this subtraction using Grasshopper, so that you can do it in every door no matter where they are.

Subtract solids

Subtract solids.3dm (2.7 MB)
Subtract (3.9 KB)

Thanks Alfonso. I’m not really very experienced with grashopper, but I will give this a try…Unfortunately I don’t have the facility with Grasshopper to even make it work with the sample file, but thanks anyway.

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