VA level assignment options

Hi All,

We have the wall depicted red with its location at Level 00 (z=0.0 m). It has one layer that is extended -0.3 m below Level 00.

When using Grasshopper to analyze the model, it is not recognized on Level 00.

Why are objects assigned to levels via their bounding geometry and not their location? Is there a way to keep a clean model and get correct Level assignment (meaning: I do not want to make an additional Level below Level 00 and cut the wall into pieces)?


Hi @silvano, you are right, the Get Level component takes into account the wall bounding box, so we can change it and make it detect the position of its path curve.

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@silvano you have a workaround until we apply this change: you can deconstruct the walls and use the Get Level component on their path curves.

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Hi @fsalla , thanks for the answer. This change would be very welcome and sensible.