VA 2.0 - 2D vector outputs

Hello guys!
First of all, well done with new 2.0 VisualArq, many new features, a lot of things repaired, big potential.

I wonder, how the making of vector outputs work exactly? I tried to print very simple VA object (plan, perspective, section) with PDF printer called PDF Bullzip. Sometimes it’s missing hatch and there are small dashed lines especially near sloped lines (instead of continous lines), gaps etc. (find attached below). Now I dont know, if this is something what could be solved, because as everybody knows, Rhino 5 has a lots of problems with creating appropriate Make2D’s and vector outputs. I find this feature as a great opportunity, but now I am not sure if you guys are able to make it even better, regarding to Rhino 5 limitations. Or maybe there are some recommendation how to work with this VA object -> vector print transmision?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

Best3.pdf (8.8 KB)
1.pdf (14.6 KB)
2a.pdf (4.5 KB)

Hi Petr, in order to print the 3D model in vector output (in Perspective, plan or section view) you just need to put the viewport (or the Detail in page layouts) in Hidden display mode.

Since this is a new feature in the VA 2 Beta version there might be still bugs to fix. Please send the .3dm model to and we will take a look at these issues.