V9 Area measurement, unfolding

Hi, such noob questions, apologies.
I am trying to use the area measurement to see what the unfolded (smashed) object is in relation to the original object so i can see how much variation there is. I converted the mesh to nurbs, applied the area command and nothing happens.
I created the simple flat shape in the image, area measure still shows nothing.
Where in the program would i expect the results to appear?

A 2nd question, if i have an undevelopable shape, what command or process is used to split ‘the shape’ into even panels that can be unfolded?

Many thanks

In Windows Rhino, on the command line. In Mac Rhino in the Command History panel…

Many thanks, i had to pull up that bottom line to see it.

I’m not aware of any single command which does what you want.

Splitting an undevelopable surface for unrolling would depend on multiple factors including:

  • The shape of the surface. Are there creases? Are parts or the entire surface “close” to developable?

  • The amount of distortion when each part is unrolled which is acceptable. Most undevelopable surfaces cannot be split into smaller surfaces which will be exactly developable?

  • How the surface is modeled: the orientation of the isocurves in particular.

Thanks David. That makes sense, although I still have to get my head around all the ‘Analyse’ tools. I am not sure what i am looking at.
I was thinking that if i wanted to unroll (Eg) an orange, the software would know that it would be segmented and that i could say i want 8 segments, try that - no, try 12 segments and then the operator could go yep, and move to the next. Like an auto logical split line.
I was just fiddling with one element, trying everything, split, unroll, analyse. There is a lot to it, will need to do some good reading on how and where to split the various parts so they can unroll correctly.