V8 tooltips in the raytraced HUD

maybe just me, but I find these tooltips to be quite annoying


These are a new feature called “toast” - they’re supposed to be notifications that show up and go away. They’re important enough for you to see, but not so important to require you to click “OK”. Perhaps this is a case where the notification is too frequent for this mechanism. What did you do to get that to display?

I am always working with a realtime rendered viewport, pausing & unpausing it, and so forth, so I am constantly triggering these when my mouse ends up in that region of the viewport, to access those functions

I get the thinking behind them, but a new user would only need them the first few times they ever worked with a realtime display mode, so maybe they could just be shown the first few times a person enables a realtime display mode, or the first few times in a session, or somesuch

(to get that screenshot, I passed my mouse over those buttons and then did a print screen)

Ah, I see. Yes, this seems like an inappropriate use of toast. Better use of a tooltip (hover to get the tooltip - but you have to pause and want to see it).

I’ve logged https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-73412/Raytraced-Tooltips-inappropriate

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