V8 Toolbars - here's another good one

So, in order to try and get a clean toolbar without the inherited macro tooltip problem, I thought I would simply make a new toolbar and copy the Mirror button from V8 default a couple of times, then change the macros and replace the images with the ones from the existing imported V7 toolbar (they are bitmaps) shown here:


Problem 1 - from V8 it’s not possible to export the bitmap images from imported V7 toolbars - you can only export .svg and if you try that the exports are blank. So I went back to V7 and exported the bitmaps from there.

Problem 2 - it’s not possible to import a bitmap image into a V8 button either, you can only add an .svg.

Problem 3 - I tried to edit the .svg from V8 Mirror button in the built-in editor. The editor is just not workable (as others have mentioned). Most important is that it’s not possible to erase anything existing, there is no eraser tool I can see and trying to run a transparent pencil or line over something in an effort to blank it out only results in a new black line being drawn. It has a fill color but no fill tool. OK, that’s a dead end for now too.

So, I finally went back to V7 and made a new toolbar, and instead of copying buttons I made 4 new blank buttons, added the macros (copying them from the original Mirror toolbar) added the bitmap images (previously exported from Mirror toolbar) etc. Now there are no spurious RMB tooltips. I made a new blank .rui and imported this new toolbar into it and then saved it. Then I copied over the .rui into the V8 UI folder. From inside V8 I opened (linked) it. So far so good. Now, I want to copy those buttons into my other .rui also open in V8 - because I only want to have one of those open at a time. Will it work?

With the library I want to import into active, I hit the + to create a new toolbar. I give it a name and Next, Rhino then presents me with a list libraries to choose from for the import, I choose the newly created .rui with the mirror tools. Then I get shown the list of buttons I might want to import like this:

I don’t know what the macro numbers mean, but I go ahead and import all… That works fine, so now I have my shiny new toolbar and no more spurious tooltips.


But, the last question remains… what will happen if I now close the .rui that had the buttons I exported? In principle the buttons should have been copied over to the other .rui… Or have they been merely linked as we have experienced elsewhere? Only one way to find out - close the .rui that I used to export/import.

And the winner is…



So all that more or less for nothing as well.

So the lesson here is - don’t expect to be able to copy buttons from one library to another. It simply does not work. In fact, don’t expect that copying buttons or other UI elements from anywhere to anywhere else in V8 will actually make a robust stable copy that will persist. It won’t. The system has been designed to prevent you from doing that.

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