V8 Toolbars - Empty Button vs. No Command

What’s the difference here…? Do we really need two separate entries that do more or less the same thing?

Without trying it, I presume that “Empty” provides a button with no Left or Right click commands, while (because the entire box is labelled “Left Click Option”) “No Command” actually means “No Left Click Command”. Presumably It creates a button with just a right click command.

Is there another menu box labelled “Right Click option” with similar radio buttons?

If I’m right then it would certainly be infinitely clearer if the “No Command” entry included the words “Left” and “Right”. Or even better: change the title to “New Left Command Only” and “New Right Command Only”.

But of course, since I’m not at my Rhino computer and don’t have the released V8 anyway and can’t try it myself, my guess could be completely wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s probably it, I didn’t follow through. Again, for me that whole dialog is superfluous, I would just prefer having the button editor come up with blank entries and then be able to add macros from there.