V8 tab-switching crash

after installing 8.0.23059.12305 I started getting crashes when trying to switch between tabs in this panel

checked with non-standard plugins disabled, no change; renamed the settings directory and the crash seemed to disappear, but after trying some more, I was able to get it to occur again (it is always the same stack). However, if desired, I can provide a zip of the original settings dir via dm

systeminfo.txt (2.5 KB)

not a lot happening in that HideEditor method, but I notice that m_search_button is not checked for null like the others

Hi JD -

That’s not an out-of-the-box configuration of panels in a container, and when I organize a similar container here, I’m not getting crashes when switching between panels. Just to eliminate differences in the way we set this up, could you save your modified window layout setup and export and attach that *.rhw file here?

The latest crash I see from you is dated Feb 15th. I assume that you are sending in crash reports? We’ve had an issue with the crash reporting process but I was told that it should be working again now… At any rate, just to be sure, when the crash reporter pops up, could you save the *.dmp file that appears on your desktop and send that over - Rhino - Upload to Support?

hey Wim, I had not got to the crash dialog because I was in my debugger, and so got that nice stack trace. I am able to reproduce it still, by opening rhino and stabbing at tabs like a madman, and did get a crash dialog, so you can look for that. I’ll pm you the .rhw and settings directory.

Thanks, JD -
I’ve put this on the list as RH-73399 Panels: Crash when switching between panel tabs

fixed in 8.0.23066.13185

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Thanks for testing that, JD!

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