V8 crashes when showing Rendering tab in properties

As in the subject : no warning, no crash report. Every single time Rhino just disappears.
SysInfo attached. Can’t tell if this is new or has been there for a while since I still was not able to switch to V8 for serious work, but testing things every now and then, and this would be another show-stopper for any attempt to finally transition.
SysInfo.txt (2.6 KB)

If you can find a bit more time you might see if disabling all your “not shipped with Rhino” plugins allows Rhino to start and run w/o crashing.

Thank you @AlW, looks like Crayon plugin causes the crash (at least the version I have been using).

You probably should also updated your NVidia driver to the most recent (studio) driver. Older drivers are also known to cause crashes or not work properly when trying to use Raytraced or Rhino Render.

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Hi Jarek -

Apart from what was already said, you are on the original 8.8 SRC1 version. Two hot-fixes were released after that.

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