V8 button/macro/library rant

I had exactly that problem when I tried editing a default toolbar button in Affinity Designer last year. I copied one button, brought it into AD, edited it and saved it under a new name. When I brought it back into Rhino, I found that it had overwritten the original button in the default set with my new one. It did it to all instances of the button, no matter what toolbar.

Because I couldn’t find the original button anywhere on file to repair things, I realised I could screw things up very quickly and I couldn’t see any way of ensuring that it didn’t happen.

At that point, I bailed out and haven’t tried playing with V8 since. I’m waiting for the new system to mature to a point where it’s at least as usable as the V7 arrangement before I go there again. I’ve just read your lengthy post on the subject and agree with your comments entirely.

I agree, I fumbled around just like you and @Helvetosaur and basically came to the same conclusions.
I don’t think the underlying technology is way too bad, but Rhino needs to get this stuff together so it is super-user-friendly. V7 is a bliss compared to V8. In v7 I can quickly make an icon and paste some stuff into a button and save a rui in minutes, in v8 we have to mess with svg files (and the editor is horrible which is a shame since Rhino is such a great illustrator tool), make macros etc etc.

This has to be so easy to do that a middle aged user can do it AND remember how he did it a week later :wink:

I wrote (far from as elaborately and much more all over the place than what Mitch did in his post) over here:

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Rhino 8 should not be released until the UI is easy to work with. McNeel always says that we the users will tell them when it’s ready so we need to be vocal and let them know it is not ready. I read a post hinting at a summer release but if this doesn’t get better we will be skipping this release.


Yeah, me too…