V8 branding play time

was playing with v8 branding images and liked this one… may be a bit too subtle but I kinda dug it…


I mean it’s aight :blush:

Not sure what the requisites are :popcorn:

Looks really shiny :grin:

And that one spot looks really sharp n’ pointy :exploding_head:

I wonder if those are sub-D’s :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

To me it looks really nice!

My girlfriend just saw it and said, "Oh, it’s shot down, its eye is full of blood and its mouth is on the ground.
As soon as I heard that, I saw it as well.

Sorry about that :disappointed_relieved:

Getting to the essence of R8


the red eye isn’t new, it has been around for quite some time… :wink:

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As said I like it, only wanted to share a different view.

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Everything is okay according to the original shape :slight_smile:

What if, you used a smooth wooden material for a different view, though the silver material is closer to the original shape?

This is great! It has a Salish style, combined with the ‘traditional’ look and feel.
Not too subtle.