V8 Bloom post effect - Radius

Hi McNeel
Two comments on the slider for setting the radius of the bloom effect:

  1. I can move the slider, but the raytraced viewport doesn’t update untill I move the camera. That’s a regression from V7.
  2. The “scale” of the slider seems much to coarse. By default it’s set to two decimal places (eg. 0.03), but moving the slider to 0.02 or 0.04 can make the effect either way to subtle or way to pronounced. You can manually enter 0.003 and then use the slider to scrub through the smaller values, but I think the default slider should have 3 decimal places as default. In V7 there’s also just 2 decimal places (which can’t be changed), but the slider is not fixed to the number shown, so even though the number is only shown with 2 decimal places, the slider will let you fine-tune beyond the number shown on the little “slider-box”.