V8 Beta Invitation to try

Hi… I received an email invitation to try out the V8 Beta… So I downloaded it, however… I cannot open it to try it…

As the message says, you cannot test the Beta if you have a V7 evaluation license, only a paid one.

But I do not have the evaluation vision of V7… I have the full paid Education Licence.

Hi @Tesselaar_Romanoff_M,

For licencing issues you should contact sales@mcneel.com

Is it possible you forgot to remove the evaluation license key from your account and replace it with the paid license key? If so, Rhino might still think you only have an evaluation license.

Otherwise, as Jeremy said, contact sales@mcneel.com to have them look at your situation.

I have never had an evaluation license. I have been using Rhino since V1.1… I have sent an email to Sales…

Thank you for responding…