V7 wish, points selected in solid points on should work in Named selections

I just tried to make a solid pts on (selecting a few pts on a polysrf that I need to constantly edit) and a few surfaces, be a selection set in “named selections”. But when I run the saved selection set the whole polysurface is selected and not the “solid pts on” points, that I previously selected. I tried turning solid pts on for the polysurface and then running the saved selection set but Rhino selected the whole polysurface still.

I wish named selections would work on points selected when solid pts on is activated. Any hope of getting that in V7? It would be really nice. Then features that I need to move or scale would be easily selectable and this would be a great time saver and modeling strategy.

Incidentally, solid pts on, command is a life saver it’s great for moving features and doing those edits that would otherwise consume tons of time. I constantly use it and think whoever did this command deserves congratulations.


Thanks Kyle