V7 WIP overwriting V6 - Was: Quad Mesher

I just downloaded 6Wip and tried the Mesher again after many months away from it. Maybe even a year?

It’s quite good. Not perfect, a few holes but having MODO to clean up the mesh and patch things gives a nice workable mesh to smoothen out. I’m not looking to do much in the way of editing or manipulating the mesh from Rhino…just smoothen it out nicely.

I haven’t touched the SDS tools at all.

It’s got a ways to go…I got spoiled by nPower’s quad mesher a few years ago and while this is not that, it’s certainly in the right direction.

The V6 WIP ended with V6 was released.

Do you mean the Rhino WIP which will produce V7?

I guess it is…I just downloaded the right one (from the serengheti link) from the McNeel site and it is titled V6WIP. Not V7WIP.

That’s odd.
Let me look…

This is what I’m seeing:

Yes, that is what accessed.

But you know what…downloading the file wiped out my permanent version of V6 and turned it into a WIP. So now on my desktop I have ‘V6 WIP’ and one called ‘WIP’…and my permanent V6 is now gone along with all of the plugins.

This is a mess !! I now have to re-install permanent V6 along with my rendering plugins.

So now I have 2 short cuts titled WIP on my desktop. And they both open the same V7 WIP. Though one of the short-cuts is where my Perm V6 used to be. I looked and looked on my harddrive for V6. It is now gone and replaced by a WIP.

Maybe someone at McNeel can help me find it without having to download everything again and re-install all pluggins.


Check your shortcut properties.

The V7 WIP target should be:
“C:\Program Files\Rhino WIP\System\Rhino.exe”

The V6 target should be:
“C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\Rhino.exe”

I used to have a folder titled rhino 6 but no longer…only now Rhino WIP.

I’m not aware of any way to lose a folder like that other than uninstalling.
I just installed a new WIP and it did not touch V6.

If you search for Rhino shortcuts, do you find any for V6?
Here’s my search results:

It did mine. Searching produced a short-cut titled Rhino 6 but it has WIP stamped across the rhino. Basically it replaced it with a new short-cut. I can’t seem to find any reference to V6 in program files.

Anyway, I’m in-installing WIP and then re-installing V6 with plugins and will wait till the WIP becomes V7. This is such a waste of time.

That’s what’s strange the WIP changed to V7 on the same day V6 was released.
I have had both installed since then, and update them every day for my testing needs.

I do this on multiple computers to keep all the different versions and SR states available.
I’ve never see it and have not heard any other reports of it.

Something else is going on here and it seems to be unique to your system.

Hopefully, you’ll find a pattern that may explain it.

My system has been bullet proof until now. I don’t intend on experimenting further.

Sounds like a good call.

I uninstalled the WIP and ran the V6 Installer…it asked to repair the previous V6 Install which I did and everything came back. The WIP installer is over-writing something in the V6 install folder and changing it’s name.

I’m glad you have your V6 back intact.

I just downloaded and ran this one:
It did not have the problem you described.

What is the file name of the V7 WIP installer you ran?
I’ll see if I can duplicate the problem here running the same file you ran.

I got it from the download page. I just ran it from there. I don’t know the name. I might try again and download it to a folder and go from there…see if it matches yours.

You should be able to find it in your Downloads folder.
The first part of the file name will be identical, “rhino_en-us_7.0#####…”

If the file is bad, I need to figure that out and get it fixed.