V7 WIP 7.0.19092.12305, 4/2/2019 3dconnexion issue

Hi there,
latest 7 wip, cannot “lock horizon” with space mouse. The toggle present in the 3dconenxion panel for locking horizon doesn’t do anything. Works in v6.


This is still buggy in the latest WIP (7.0.19295.11595, 22/10/2019)
but try to access the spacemouse options through the in-Rhino command.
_spacemouse then select the popup_menu option and then the Lock Horizon option.

I’m noticing that sometimes these options are sticky, sometimes not…
Good luck!

Same problem over here. Lock horizon does not as yet solve anything.
Than again, this is just a minor annoyance grin

Try the latest WIP

This happend in the latest WIP. Donloaded last saturday.

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