V7 - Why no SubD tab in the "standard toolbar group" by default?

I know you can add it by right clicking on the tab bar and choosing “Show or hide tabs…” and finding the SubD toolbar group in the list and checking it, but why isn’t it in there by default?

Also, in being consistent with the other tabs, it should be titled “SubD Tools” not just “SubD”.



Hi Mitch - I don’t use buttons and might very well be confused.
I just ran ToolbarReset and get this:

That’s odd. I completely uninstalled the WIP, cleaned house, then installed the release version… maybe something still got left over from the WIP. Will try ToolbarReset when I get back to the office later.

Yep, looks like that was the case, maybe I missed cleaning out the UI folder. ToolbarReset fixes it.