V7 update problem

I can’t seem to install the latest update. See attached error messages and log file.

Rhino_7_20210325090525.txt (287.3 KB)

These problems usually happen when people use something like CCleaner to clean up “unused” files. The problem here is that files that were previously cached on your computer are now deleted. To fix this, please run this Microsoft Fix-It tool, and select Rhino 6 from the list. Once the repair is made, you should be able to install again.

The fix it tool offers the option of fixing an install or an uninstall. I’m not sure which to pick and what does Rhino 6 have to do with updating 7?

I’m still having a problem installing the latest upgrade and the Fix-it tool gives ambiguous and unclear instructions. What should I do?


Can anyone help me fix this issue?


Hi @dmoyes
I think @John_Brock meant to write Rhino 7, not Rhino 6, and you should go with the “fix install” option.
HTH, Jakob

The window fix it tool finally worked for the earlier update. Yesterday with the most recent update, I got the same error message. I clicked cancel assuming the installation had failed. I started up Rhino again and the installation of the update continued. Go figure.