V7 Release

At what point will McNeel set direction, goals, and objectives for beyond V7?

As far as I remember, the first RH7 WIP was available right or very soon after RH6 final was released. I assume it will be the same for RH8 WIP - available soon after RH7 will be released.

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That is correct.

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Is there going to be a thread on planned RH8 features? :heart_eyes:

There are plenty of “WISH” threads in the RH7-WIP channel. For sure it will be the same for RH8. Not sure though if that will continue in the same WIP channel or if there will be a new channel, separate from RH7 WIP Serengeti. Separate would be good, imo. Where do rhinos live other than in the Serengeti?

We could just rename this thread.


Hopefully, good features will be added to Rhino 8 and many bugs will be fixed.

you really wanna start talking RH8 now? common, I think the mcneel devs feel enough pressure already :sweat_smile:


I often feel like Rhino 6 is still in beta! :sweat_smile: :rofl:


Because they did not meet our needs in Rhino 7
At least compensate in Rhino 8
I hope
Many bugs are not fixed
And other commands!!!

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easy killer… lets get v7 out and running eh? :wink:

but… points for enthusiasm!

We’re pretty focused on V7 at the moment. Feature requests are always welcome here on discourse and once we actually have a V8 WIP we’ll start generating a what’s new list that users can comment on for feature development.

We don’t have a bullet list of “planned” V8 features if that is what you are looking for. I have a list in my head of what I think should be added as well as most other McNeel staff and I can bet that all of those lists are all slightly different. We need to figure out what can be done and what should based on input from the community.


Sounds good, thank you for clarification! Much success to the McNeel devs :100::100::100::100:

Now hold your horses. They were here first, get in line! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great question! Test it yourself and you will have the answer.

I’d say ready enough. Bugs will be there anyways. Looking at the amount of SR Rhino 6 has had, Rhino 7 can just as well be released today. Time for a Rhino 7 release party, a holliday for all McNeel staff, and a welcome to Rhino v8 WIP that focusses on high end surfacing tools, robust fillets and solid editing tools, blocks and drafting.


im still with Rhino 5 version, want to buy an update, coz started to make little hobby 3d again. But i also wait for v7 release, to buy v7 and not v7 and then another upgrade for v7

Two thumbs up on the surfacing tools :+1: :+1:


And Grasshopper 2, since Grasshopper has been out of Beta for a couple of years now, only beta software floats our boat :wink:

Joking aside, getting some of the modeling and features Alias has into Rhino, that’s what I hope to see, besides additional shortcut key combinations and perhaps a Grasshopper player similar to Revit/ Alias’ 2021.2 Dynamo player.

E: And live linking files would be nice.

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Can you explain these two?