V7 problem enabling a disabled plugin

I usually leave Orca disabled when not in actual use because it takes too long to load when opening new Rhino instances.

V7 giving me a problem: When I check the box to enable the plugin it just unchecks itself when closing the plugin manager.

Is there a trick to this?


I have tried uninstalling both Orca and Rhino and doing fresh installs of both.

I have tried starting Rhino with “run as administrator”.

Hello - Just a shot in the dark but what happens if you disable Enscape, close and restart Rhino, then try to deal with Orca?


I’ve got a project going that sadly is a bunch of V7 files. Don’t want to risk breaking enscape right now also!

Am able to use V6 Orca so this isn’t urgent in professional sense. Mostly hoping it was a known issue easy fix type thing.