V7 PolygonCount command became slow and weird

Hi, please see the sample file below.
There are multiple copies of the same block that just consists of a single mesh object.

In V6 and before, when running PolygonCount command, we get an instant result of polygon count with all of the objects selected.
In V7 it takes very long as for each one status progress bar pops up saying “Generating Render Meshes”. So a) it slows it down a lot and makes unusable; b) why would Rhino even need to generate meshes for mesh objects? Something is off, the bad part too once this started there is no escape, just wait… Made mistake of running it on a big set and had to kill the Rhino process. Hope this can be fixed soon as we use this command a lot.

EDIT: seems like this is happening regarding of block objects, any object triggers Generating Render Mesh when used with this command.

PolygonCount_V7_Problem.3dm (1023.5 KB)



Thanks, Jarek.

I’ve put this on the list as RH-63378 and marked it a regression.

This one went on the list as RH-63379: PolygonCount: Make Cancelable

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In the latest V7 build something is still off with this command. Testing in on a mesh object (25K faces), it still blinks the status bar progress, make it 80 of these meshes, it takes 1-2 seconds on fast computer for the progress bar to show before result is displayed. If we make this mesh a block instance and make 80-120 copies, then run PolygonCount, it takes a lot longer with the status bar flashing Generating Render Meshes message… None of that was happening in V6 and seems like mesh objects should not trigger the “Generating Render Meshes” message/status bar display at all. Hope this can be tweaked further. Thank you