V7 Osnap toggle behavior bug?

I just downloaded the V7 and the bottom status/settings bar in Rhino functions like normal… Grip Snap, Gumball, Record History all toggles when you left click on them.

Except Osnap. When you click on that, you hide the snap settings instead.

I don’t know how to toggle osnap on now. This is very inconsistent, so I’m guessing it is a bug.

Is there a workaround to get the V6 behavior back in this latest WIP?

It’s working normally for me.
If the Osnap toolbar is showing, then the Osnap button in the Status bar toggles the Osnap enabled/disabled control.
If the Osnap toolbar is not shown, the the Status bar button displays the Osnap toolbar and then enable/disables it.

I just opened both V6 and V7WIP and verified the behavior.
I wonder why your’s seems different…

Well, today when I got into the office and launched Rhino 7 WIP, the Osnap behavior is now restored to the V6 behavior…

What I described yesterday is actually the exact behavior that the Filter “button” has (and I’m actually annoyed by that in V6 as well, because that popup can’t be docked side by side of the Osnap settings, like the Command bar can be docked side by side by the top toolbar, and the “Filter” button never highlights to show that it is active… but that’s for another thread, I guess).

Still, I can see why V7 isn’t released yet if such things happen. :slight_smile:

Hi - behavior is unlikely to just go away. Steps to reproduce an issue need to be detailed and only then can there be hopes of having that issue fixed.

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Well, today in V7, my vertical and horizontal dimension tools have flipped results when done in the Front/Right plane… I don’t know if it’s going to be normal tomorrow (V6 is normal), so I don’t know how to possibly make reproduction steps for that.

I’m confused. This sounds like a different topic?

I’m just saying that things that bug out one day in the WIP, but appear normal the next day, is not easy to write down steps for, unless the date is an acceptable step and McNeel employees have a time machine. :wink: