V7 Offline installation asks for license and validation for each user on one machine

@brian: I finally got around to installing my V7 upgrade on my offline computer. The install was done from an administrator user account and all went normally as compared with previous installs.

First run was on the administrator account and as expected asked for the license and validation. As the computer was not on the net, I used the manual validation method via a different computer that was online. This too proceeded normally.

Then I signed out of the administrator account and signed in to my ordinary user account. Was quite surprised that on the first run I was again asked for the license and validation. It took the info and proceeded to go through the normal startup as expected. My surprise was because, to the best of my recollection, all previous upgrade installations were completely satisfied with just supplying the info for the administrator account and my ordinary user account went directly to the initialization and then loaded.

Is this a deliberate change in behavior for reasons I can’t imagine or was it just an oversight in coding the installer to make the license and validation info available to all users?

Hi Al, it’s not supposed to require the license key twice. That sounds like a bug. Thanks for reporting it.


I’m usnng RV 7 evaluation and this happens to me each time I restart my Laptop too

Hi @huss191998 can you tell me more about what, exactly, happens each time you restart your laptop?


even without restarting :rofl: