V7 Installer doesn't delete previous desktop icon

@brian Title says it. I ended up with two desktop icons for the Beta after installing 7.0.20280.13133 via the manual download/offline installation process. Neither the WIPs nor first beta had this issue.

Kudos on the work you’ve done on both the 6 and 7 installers. They’re both considerably faster than they’ve been in the past. Another thing I like about the 7 beta installer is that when “install” is clicked it gets right to it with immediate visual feedback that it’s working. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine that still exists with the 6 installer that it takes considerable time after clicking “install” (easily 15 seconds, sometimes in the past up to a minute) to have any visual feedback at all that my click “took”, not even a blink or color change of the install button.

Thanks for letting me know.

Two things have happened recently:

  1. We’re trying to make it so that shortcuts for different versions of Rhino show up differently in the taskbar.
  2. Making that change has made it so that pinned icons on the taskbar don’t stick around right; I’m fixing that today.

This may be why you got duplicate icons on your desktop.

I’ll see what happens on the next install. A further detail I perhaps should have mentioned is that in previous installs the “old” icon was deleted from my desktop and the new one was placed at (what I guess is) Windows idea of the first available icon location. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it’s very easy to drag the new icon to it’s familiar old location and the whole process serves as good feedback that the install proceeded normally. The alternative of overwriting the old one wouldn’t provide that reassurance.

But to my point: when I ended up with two icons the first was “still” in the old location and the second was where Windows usually places the new one. I don’t know whether this provides you with any useful new info, but there it is.

Also, while I still had two, they both worked and brought up the newly installed version.