V7 Hatch properties bug

Hi! I ran into a bug when trying to use an alias that changes hatch properties.

when using -properties command, the h option does not work in v7.


Hello - yeah, my guess is that is not supported in the command line version and needs a message like the one for the AttributeUserText option.


hmm, so is there no longer a way to switch a hatch pattern in the command line?
IE I have an alias that copies a hatch and then switches it to a solid hatch, so that I have two hatches on top of each other. Is that no longer possible in an alias?

Hello - that was a guess… I am checking with the developer. Hatch properties became much more complex in V7 and it may be that some stuff can still be supported.

RH-62192 Properties: Dash does not support hatch properties


Sounds good, thanks!

RH-62192 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate