V7 discrepancies I don’t understand

Hi forum , how is it when working with the Beta version I can make a rectangle, then extrude it , the curves become individual and the extrusion become individual surfaces which can’t be joined?Even poly surfaces become individual surfaces.
I must have missed the first chapter in Subd and more. Thanks—-Mark

A lot to unpack here.

are you using the rectangle command to make the rectangle? Or are you drawing it from individual lines?

when the surfaces are extruded are the extrusion objects, surfaces, or polysurfaces?

what happens when you explode them?

Are you trying to make a subd object?

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Thanks for the reply back Mr. Kyle, 20 days ago and a 100 different things that needed to be done (thankfully), I would have to revisit the scenario I explained himself.
I Liked the way T splines worked with its own picking solution. You could pick a point ,an edge, a face or an object . Seems like Rhino’s is all jumbled up with surfaces and polysurfaces and they are all fighting with each other. At least that is my experience. I have not given Rhino’s version a fair chance though, so I am going to keep learning it. If I run into another situation that I can explain, I will run it by the forum. Thank you—-Mark

Make sure to check out the selection filters, they help a lot with the picking… Also hot key them as you’d like to make them more accessible.