V7 circle selected it get UNWANTED control points dashed line box

I have set prefs and so on to what I had in V5.

However I draw a circle, when I select it it has control points turned on, I dont want that.
draw a line and it has control point at either end, never had that, dont want it.

I cant find where to stop this from happening though.



It was added in V6 to save clicks.
It’s a bit unnerving at first.
Most people eventually like it.

If you’re not one of them, the setting is here in Options > Mouse

Hi John,
Thanks, now OFF !
will not be turning that On, hate it.
I want to select a circle not to do anything with it, but to move it or resize it or make a dim for it, or in this instance to act as a means of referencing two meshes together, all of which need a selected circle, nothing more distracting.
If one is selecting and wanting access to control points all the time then I can understand it, but I select objects for moving , extruding and a host of purposes, none ever needing control points, in fact I struggle to think of the all the times I have drawn circles, the need for control points, who needs CPs for most work ?

each unto their own, but wish it had been off by default.


Not sure about “most” (maybe in combination with “like”). Maybe “most” people live with it because it’s on by default and they don’t know how to turn it off. People coming from AutoCAD may also be “used” to it.

It’s off here…