V6 - "Writing failed for unknown reason"


Yes, on Monday I can. This particular file was generated by a coworker on some flavor of v5 (which I can also get for you on Monday), I edited it a bit (I didn’t do any further dimensioning / annotation however) and attempted the save which failed.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #23

I can find out the RC number by then myself. I know we made several fixes for this particular problem in the 6.6 branch, I am thinking that the current RC was created from a point just before that.

Edit: I just now heard that next weeks’ RC will have the fixes in.

(Dale Lear) #24

We think we have fixed the bug that was causing the file saving “failed for unknown reason” bug. The fix will be in any Rhino 6 built on or after Jun 4. The bug is in every Rhino 6 built before June 4. We hope to have public updates available for both Rhino 6.5 (shipping version) and Rhino 6.6 (next service release candidate version) by later today.

Details: As discussed above, if you selected any annotation object during a modeling session, then the possibility existed for strings to get corrupted in annotation styles. These corrupted strings were halting file writing and also causing crashes. In addition to the 4 strings mentioned above, there were about a dozen other strings that were at risk. We fixed the bug that created the initial corruption. In addition the core file IO code has been updated so that, in the future, any corrupt string will be discarded, replaced with the empty string, and file saving will continue.

I apologize for the lost time and extreme frustration this bug has caused. Thank you for reporting the bugs and helping us.

(John Brock) #25

More fix details: