V6 Wishlist - working on symmetrical objs

Hi All,
this is a short wishlist to improve some tools in V6.

  1. Symmetry Tool
    Be able to use the Symmetry Tools on many edges at the same time and maybe on Polysurfaces. For example If I work with half object often I have two edges coming in to the symmetry plane. I would like to fix both in the same tools.

  2. Blend Crv/ Srf
    Be able to set up an “implicit” tangency by choosing a construction plane like in mirror tool you can choose to do the mirror over the X or Y axis. Could be good to do this, again, if you were working over a symmetrical obj. The best could be to let the tool be aware of the “implicit” plane by itself.


i will definitely use that :thumbsup:

Thanks! This topic is something that’s been on the request pile for a while. I’ve added your comments for the developers to look over when this can be worked on.

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