V6 Wishlist for drafting

I would like to have an improved units&scale management for rhino,.
As far as I have understood it seems that now it is necessary to check a lot of panels and settings when you have to setup model units, layout units, dimension scale factors for layout dimensioning, measure scale factor for dimensions in the layout space (history recording to update dimensions), linetypes scaling etc etc…
Would like to see all this more logically organized, and somehow preset for general pourpose (eg. model&layout units choosen, print scale for a layout setup --> leads to other factors preset [but always customizable]…)
Also a leading and trailing zeros remove checkbox for dimension styles…
And a good block manager with large preview, details about units, and other details and properties, and automatic drag and drop unit-consistent scaling…(when blocks have a correct unit specified).

That’s what start up templates are for.

Since Rhino is used in a huge array of disciplines with very different standards and needs, having a boatload of presets is not practical.

Instead, We made Rhino so you could set it up the way you want.
Setup a file the way you want it with everything in the document you want to be there, then save it as a Template.
Use the template when you start a new file.

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Hi John,
Thank you, I use templates for my work, of course.
Another few wish:
-one is about color management: I think that this is a weak aspect of Rhino, since it is almost unchanged since ver.1,00 and for drafting (and sometimes creating materials for rendering) having a set of palettes (e.g. Pantone, RAL, etc etc) would be great.
-another is about hatches: importing autocad ones works great, but how to make customized ones? is there a guide to build your own ones?
-Last wish (for now!) is about gradient solid hatches…they work great in architectural visualization…a two/three color gradient would help.
And, remember, zero suppression for dimensions & block management…


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