V6 Wish: Way to Toggle Layers in Fullscreen

Today I am showing my friend’s friend a project that I’ve been doing for him.

So what would be handy to be able to do: Show and hide layers in fullscreen. I want to tear this thing down and build it up in a presentation kind of way, while talking about it in an interactive way. AFAIK, I cannot float the layer pallet.

I mocked this up. It’s just a fullscreen of a STM I did for kicks. Anyway, we are in fullscreen, as much as we can in Windows 7 without hiding the bar. On the lower right, I added the layer drop-up menu from the standard screen, though it could left anywhere.

[I am not sure why we need additional view tabs, because we have then on the upper left corner, but someone must use them in fullscrees, or they wouldn’t live there. Right?]

Or, if anyone knows how to do this, that would be great.

  1. Uncheck lock docked windows
  2. Tear off layer panel to float
  3. Type ‘fullscreen’
  4. Type ‘layer’
  5. Present away…
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Thanks Gregb : )

I didn’t know you could type blind in Rhino, without a command line showing.

type on the command line:

and select ShowLayer=Yes

And you can also create/edit a button to do that, using:
-_Fullscreen _ShowLayer=Yes _EnterEnd

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Diegodx, Thank you : )