V6 Wish - ViewOnly Mode + Password Lock


Would it be possible to password lock a .3dm file? My ideal version of this wish would allow anyone to open the file, but they could not edit the geometry nor export the geometry out (helps protect intellectual property and provides revision control). I would still like to be able to use the distance and dimensioning commands (similar to other products “viewer” software - but I would prefer not to have a standalone “viewer” suite). If the user has the correct password for the file they would then be able to enter it and adjust the geometry as they see fit. Once they save and close Rhino it prompts them to re-apply the password lock to the file.




It is not possible now but you can use RAR or ZIP file or windows net work rights.

I realize it is not possible now - that is why I am asking for it to appear in V6.

Using RAR or ZIP files will hinder document management (potentially create duplicate files which brings up issues of rev control and multiple users editing the same file, not unzipped to the correct location - resulting in “lost” files and it forces the user to jump through many hoops to open a correct file which wastes time off task.

Windows Network Rights also will not work. Document Management would be a nightmare - people would just do a save as to copy the file and make the edits they see fit (I want to prevent that from occuring), the administrator, who controls the Rights, would constantly be in Windows Explorer changing users Rights to allow for revisions to occur or lock specific users out - sounds like a miserable job to me and frankly pointless.

By password locking the geometry, within Rhino, it protects Intellectual Property, simplifies rev control and document management and keeps everything inside one file - producing a clean digital filing system. Simple is better; why jump through hoops when you can do everything at the source.

I realize this entails a lot of under the hood edits but I believe will provide a more robust counterpart to the Watermark and goes beyond what Autodesk is doing with their password locking of files.



I have asked for something similar in the past, useful for getting visible 3D geometry to students for exercises without letting them actually copy it.


I know you want same as Archicad teamwork tools or simple way ACDsee Canvas(you can add different password on drawing layers). Me too. I am writed to developers about this.

I think one reason we have not pursued this so far is that, apart from priorities and resources as usual, there is considerable doubt as to whether really secure locking is possible. We had watermarking but this has been yanked, and I imagine the issues are similar, but I am just guessing.



Hi Pascal,

You might be right that achieving a really secure file might might not be possible due to the nature of OpenNURBs. However, I am not looking to achieve something along the lines of WPA2 with encryption. I believe the simple fact that there is a password will deter 80-90% of potential “hacks”. Any true hacker/well versed programmer worth their salt will always find a way to access the information they desire.

My quick thought for implementation is all the commands/buttons are deactivated (minus orbit, zoom, pan, dimension(all the various types) and distance) until the user enters a password in the lower right hand corner - similar to where the progress bar is located when initiated in a python script. Another thought - all the toolbars are “hidden” except for the aforementioned tools until the password is entered. I could mock up a few quick image proposals if you’d like.