V6 Wish: Temporary tolerance button

Do you have any specific examples of this requirment? I feel I’m missing an important point here, where I’ve been modelling something it’s always set to 0.001mm as standard.

What benefits are there for changing the tolerance? I understand that there are situations where you don’t need to be very accurate, say, placing a door frame within a room doesn’t need fractions of a mm accuracy but what benefit is it to work with 0.1 rather than .001?

I’m hoping it’s something daft I’ve missed and it’s staring me right in the face…

I’m sure you’ve had a look at the thread: Visualizing Tolerances, and Geometry Question

(By the way, I’m not questioning your wish, just my understanding for the need to change tolerances at all if you’re working at 0.001 :blush:)