V6 Wish: Selection Set/Hide Clusters Manager

It would be nice to have a visibility cluster manager for multiple objects on different layers. Somewhat similar layout to the layer manager but you also get a readout/info of the different layers tied to that cluster set.

On a side note, is there a way to get the current “hide clusters” toolbar set to remember the selected object set?

You can name the sets, as in the preset macros:

! _-Hide _Pause “A” _Enter

! _-Show “A”

Does that do anything for you?


Hi Pascal,

The toolbar already has the hide command set for left click and the show command set for the right mouse click. I was wondering if you had a scenario where once you hide, show and then want to hide the selected set again with the same cluster. Otherwise the the hide command would prompt you to select the objects again, instead of keeping the previous selected set in memory.


Hi Mikael- no… but you can try the SelectionSets plug-in here:


This has a bunch of different ways (probably too many) to save, recall, add, subtract, modify, selections sets, including control point sets.