V6 wish: removing fillets like a boss

As much as I embraced as a god-sent the ability to export Rhino files to Spaceclaim to remove all my fillets, and then bring the files back sharpy and clean, I now want this natively in Rhino.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


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Yes Please!

Hi Gustavo- in V6, fillets made in Rhino with FilletEdge will be able to be edited or removed using the same command.



Hi Pascal, that’s a start but what defines ‘made with rhino’? Surface ID, or are you guys getting history information to patches? …I’m more curious to what happens if I take a filleted cube made it rhino, export it to spaceclaim, do stuff to it, bring it back…will those fillets still be considered made in Rhino?

Also, most of the cases where I want to remove fillets involve imported geomerty, not made by me/in rhino :frowning:


i´ve just checked the date of your post and was glad it`s been written on april the 2nd. :wink: Thank your for adding such a wonderful feature to V6 !



I see… it won’t help you much, I’m afraid, in that case.


hey, it’s still good. don’t kill it just yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this apply to blendedge too?
ciao, Norbert.

Yep, and ChamferEdge as well.


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About one week left right?

Yes, right, about a week…


just curious- do you have any idea about how v6 beta will work with mac users? like, when v5 was still in beta, that’s the version mac users were getting (and we didn’t have an option to use v4- i assume since there was no official release)… is it going to work like that again with v6?

Hi Jeff- as far as I know, mac Rhino will continue to be based on V5. Is that what you are asking about?


yep… that’s what i meant.

just to make sure I understand: 1 week until the first version 6 beta?

Hi Norbert- no, sorry, the emphasis was on the ABOUT one week, which means, we don’t know exactly, but we are working hard to get an initial beta out.


@pascal, will that functionality survive a shrinking of surfaces to the trimming curves?

1 week, about a week that’s all okay with me.
The important message is: the beta is near!

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Interesting question… in fact it does and does not, both, if that is allowed: If you filletEdge, then ShrinkTrimmedSrf on the brep, and then FilletEdge > Edit, the pre-shrunk version is brought back as the one that is edited and the result is not shrunk, when the editing is finished.
Also, edits to the brep, like adding holes or something, (that change the topology), after a fillet operation, (currently) kills the ability to edit that fillet. Chuck is away right now, but I think the idea is that eventually we’ll be able to keep track of separate non-colliding fillet operations but right now this appears not to be possible- the last fillet operation is the one you get to edit.


Sounds good. Looking forward to playing with it! Perhaps too early to get any statistics on how this influences file size?