V6 Wish. Open-Close groups

often would be usefull simply open a group, modify objects and reclose the same group of objects.
Now we have to do: remove to group, select (often a lot of objects), modify objects, reselect objects, add to group.


There is a command _AddToGroup. Anyhow I suppose you refer to a grouping method such as in Adobe Illustrator- I have added it to the wish list. http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-34785

I think yes. I have in mind something like 3ds max.

Yes I have missed this as well, it’s a command in 3dsmax “open group”. It would enhance groups and make them easier to control in addition to the current commands of add to group and remove from group.

A group can be selected using SelGroup.

Indeed, much like an inplace block edit

All other geometry is frozen and you can work ‘inside’ the group only.


Do you know that you can select individual items within a group using Control+Shift+Left Click on any element? It is not as elegant as in Illustrator or SketchUp, but it’ll save you from exploding the group.

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José, you open me a new world

Also works on polysurfaces and other "composite"items.

But not on polylines and polycurves (joined curves) unfortunately.

You are welcome ; )

In V6 it will (if I’m not mistaken )