V6 wish: Modify hole sizes

There should be an easier way to modify an existing hole. We should be able to modify a hole for diameter and depth, and still maintain the hole “style” (118° point for example). It would also be extremely useful to modify all similar holes at the same time. Here is how I currently do it with a script:


I believe this functionality (but with the above mentioned enhancements) should be available to everyone as a core Rhino command. I know I use my script on a regular basis, so I would have to think others have this need as well. Modifying all similar holes at the same time would be a real time saver for us.




I’ll add my vote to this one. I’m not sure if the majority of people needs this on a daily basis but then it’s up to them to say so. …

Might not be useful for architects, but for people doing mechanical design (molds, dies, fixtures) I would think it would be very useful. Here is how it would help us:

We build fixture bases for quite a few fixture companies. Often that customer will send us a CAD file with holes for us to drill. However, their hole sizes don’t match our standards for automatic hole recognition that we’ve established. So we need to alter their sizes to what works for us. There could be 100 holes of one size that need changing. Currently we have to select them all and use my script to change them. It would be great if I could pick one, and all the other holes of equal diameter also change.

I can probably script this and make it happen, but that won’t do anyone else any good.



This is tougher than I thought. I enhanced my ModifyHole script to handle multiple holes on different planar faces, but being able to automatically select all holes of the same diameter eludes me.

At least this is better:


It is possible to select holes that are the same diameter if the file is exploded. This is helpful, but combining these two operations into one would be ideal.


Just throwing this out there again. I still think Rhino should have the ability to find and modify holes.


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Also me add my vote to this one.

It should work like this:

ModifyHoleSize.rhp (27.5 KB)

…but with the ability to find all similar holes and an option to change them in one step.

I have to believe that it is possible, even outside of the world of parametrics.


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