V6 wish: customizable properties panel, better matching

The properties panel has a lot of information that I never use, want, need (like all the printing options), but also it has hidden details that I do want to see at all times.

I think it would be great if we have a properties panel configurator where we can chose what is shown at all times based on the kind of work we do. I’d go as far as adding different types of matching presents.

Right now it’s too much clutter and too many clicks by sticking to “one fits all”.

I’d also also be able to edit key parameters of other properties (such as dimension properties), and see/apply/modify edgesoftening/curve piping from the initial object properties, not requiring a hidden command, or click into a subproperty button after it has been applied once. Oh these properties should also be able to work in the match command.



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Hi Gustavo - see this thread - HERE, for some back and forth on this from the other day.



I don’t know… it’s been 4 years and nothing has happened here. I think it got lost in @pascal’s pile. :rofl: