V6 Wish: Clipping Plane widget in middle of screen and center of rotation

I have allways felt that the clippingplane needs some UI love, and I struck me that the Clippingplane is mostly used for evaluation, thus related to the active screen, thus having an option for a widget (push/pull, rotate) in the middle of the screen (allways repositions to the dead center) makes sense, and if this can be the center of rotation (the middle of the screen) then that follows the same logic. A bit like the 3D connexion auto center feature.

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YES , you are right, and maybe the ability to choose the clipped viewport like in my previous msg:


It would also be handy it it could be applied to an object or group(s) rather than to the whole scene (unless I’m missing something)

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The thing I typically use a clipping plane for is looking down an object with bulkheads, such as a ship or airplane fuselage. In those cases, the rear bulkheads and front bulkheads overlap making wireframe views very cluttered. The old school way to handle this is to show the rear bulkheads on one side of the view and the front ones on the other, but that’s not great for CAD where the whole side is drawn then mirrored. I use a plugin I wrote that toggles the direction of the clipping plane to show either the front or rear bulkheads which really unclutters the screen. That’s attached to a button where a right click creates a clipping plane that the left button can then toggle. As such, each button would be a different plane. I use the feature a lot. That’s not a feature request from me, but just info on my typical use.


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