V6 WIP | Rhino.SerialNumber method result

I have noticed recently the Rhino.SerialNumber method returns a more random set of characters that also seem to change with each WIP install. For example over here on Windows: vD0R0v1cwt9NRRde2QulGB16Z8ZFwJPPkks5jV0V1Lcv6uNe4tp_GThjl5EMi0u5
Is that something that will be happening during WIP/Beta only or a new system we will have to use/implement for code that uses Serial Numbers ?


This seems to work here:

Call Rhino.Print("Serial Number: " & Rhino.SerialNumber)

– D

Hi Dale,

The method works, just returns various characters instead of the typical SN format.


Now I see that the WIP license here is a Cloud Zoo Lease and not SN-based, so the method returns the LeaseID…