V6 WIP licensing in a Zoo environment

We have a bunch of v5 commercial seats loaded in Zoo.

What is the recommended way for a Zoo licensed environment to allocate WIP licenses?

Like the Rhino5 WIP, the v6 WIP requires, online activation for each install instance.
I assume, like the v5 WIP, too many activation on the same license results in a lock out.

As it stands, I have to manually install the WIP and allocated a standalone license on each workstation.
So how many workstations can I activate without burnout the license?

Access to the WIP licenses requires access to the product key off the v5 case.
As an admin, I wouldn’t normally disclose our v5 keys that to just anyone.

As an admin, I’d also like to see:

Documentation of the msi deployment command line switches for the WIP msi

Re-establishment of offline activation - the current binary points to the V5 activation site, which won’t accept keys starting with RH6B

Zoo based network licensing, so I don’t have to track which machines are allocated to which keys.
Dale has mentioned a new version of Zoo would be required.

A Zoo server that doesn’t insist on port 80.
There was a cogent posting by a University admin 2 or 3 forums platforms ago about why port 80 causes more problems than it attempts to solve.

I recall not being aware of Zoo5 until very late in the V5 Beta process.

The use of port 80 in my opinion, an obvious conflict to foresee.
The lack of any way to specify the Zoo server as parameter in the MSI install was another oversight.

Thankfully, setting the registry key by AD policy to point to the
__mcneel(dot) __zoo5(dot) (dot) local domain name
hostname was a work around to allow seamless deployment.

Hopefully, other admins can give mcneel early feedback to make future deployments go more smoothly.

Hi Alex,

I will try my best answer all of your questions.

The first thing you want to ask yourself is how many of your users should be looking at the Rhino WIP. Keep in mind this is “Work in Progress” software. It is not Beta software. And, we are still fairly early in the WIP process.

Once you’ve determined this, you can download the WIP on their behalf (if you are not willing to share Rhino 5 license keys with them.)

Rhino WIP license keys are not tied to a computer in any way. So there is no problem with one person acquiring all of the Rhino WIP license keys and then distributing them to whomever need them.

Yes, this true.


We’ll get there. Like I said, we are pretty early in the WIP process.

@brian can you look info this?

Yes, a Rhino WIP-compatible version of the Zoo is coming (too).

This is on the wish list.


If I recall correctly, Zoo 5 was available fairly early in the Rhino 5 WIP process, as we wanted extensive field testing before shipping.

You can specify the name of a Zoo server as part of a scripted Rhino install.


You can also (just) use DNS.


Let me know if I’ve missed anything of if you have further questions.

Thanks, I’ve added this bug: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-29135