V6 viewport not that efficient?

I tried to push v6 viewport to the limits of pointcloud viewing and i see that v6 have issues with handling HUGE pointclouds. V5 calculated 25mil cloud in few seconds and refreshed it at ~1 fps while V6 barely can calculate 4mil but indeed it is quicker when viewing - 16mil generation takes instead of few seconds few minutes and framerate isn’t better at all around 0,5 fps while V5 have more than 1fps with that set. 25mil hanged V6 - i could say theres very thin line to crash - V6 is not responding for about ~20min so far.

Tested on: i7 6700HQ / 32 GB RAM / Quadro M4000M / Win10 1709

Hi @D-W,

Could you tell us what operations you are performing on the point cloud? I’d like to do some testing here.


Hi @DavidEranen did you received my message?

I see it, continuing conversation there.

There is a fix coming in the next service release which will dramatically improve drawing of point clouds in display conduits using C#.

YouTrack item: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-44673.


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