V6 Viewport issue when modifying an object

Hi all

I’ve a very annoying visualization problem when I modify an object

For example if I scale1d a box picking an edge as base point and then click the reference point, when I drag the mouse, the preview of the modified object is scaled from the center of the object BUT if I confirm the scale then the object appears scaled starting from the first edge I clicked.

I don’t know if my explanation it’s clear but the thing is reaaaaaally freaking me out!!

Any suggestion?


Just to add an other thing, I’ve several problem using the gumball too.

If I GumballRotate an object it disappear but as soon as I release the mouse button the object is correctly modified.
If I GumballScale1d the object moves away from the gumball and then it appears correctly modified.

Really have no idea on what to do but it’s quite impossible to use it in this way…