V6 unwrapping teaser

Here’s a screen capture from V6 - unwrapping multiple objects into the same UV space, packing them efficiently and allowing you to edit across objects. Still WIP of course.


What do you mean by this? Texture adjustment across seams in a polysrf?

Also, any thoughts on minimizing stretching due to varying poly size in the render mesh? Can’t wait to bang on it!!

No - texture adjustment across objects. We already go over seams in the same polysurface (if I understand your question correctly).

We’re working on minimizing stretching too - but if what you’re talking about is the original surface parameter mapping stretching…then that’s what the whole trimming/picture frame bug stuff is about. Rhino now does a much better job of minimizing stretching and using up more of the texture space - but at the expense of re-configuring everything after a trim.

Cool! :slight_smile:

Oh that is awesome

Thank you so much for all the hard work. We, as users, appreciate it and will always be loyal to Rhino.

Maybe Flamingo nXt have a clue about texture stretching?

Flamingo’s surface mapping:

Rhino’s surface mapping:

Flamingo’s mapping is WCS (world coordinate system) by default. Rhino Render can do that too - you have to change the mapping type on the texture since Rhino has always mapped by surface params by default.

This kind of thing works very well for simple repeating textures like the one you show. It works less well for texturing that needs to put specific features on specific parts of the model.

I’m naming my next kid, Andy!

I’ve only wished for this for over a decade!

You are the man!

Hi there does anyone know of a good unwrapping video for Rhino. I am a beginner and need help with unwrapping from the start. Thanks!!

Hi @andy, i think the limits are in the LSCM algo used, would it be possible to implement ABF++ in V6?

Are there any plans to integrate automatic atlas generation for meshes which do not have any topology ?