V6 Toolbar madness... encore et toujours

We are moving to V6 here at the school. I have installed V6 on most of the staff machines, and then they have imported their personal workspaces from V5. The actual toolbar files reside on our network server. I am seeing a number of problems:

When Rhino closes, permission is denied for overwriting the toolbar file, so we get an error message every time. It is possible to save the .rui under a new name.


There is no problem with toolbar files stored locally, nor is there a problem with V5 toolbar files stored on the server.

I am also getting all kinds of weird spacing on vertically stacked text-only toolbar buttons (I remember discussing this in the past). Even funnier is that I can completely delete the button text and it still remains on the button. Only if I replace it with a space does it disappear. But it’s impossible to get these to behave consistently or left-aligned.



@JohnM - do you have an idea what is happening with the network toolbar files?


@pascal My guess is it is a permission issue, Rhino writes the RUI file to a temp file in the same folder as the RUI file, if it is written successfully it renames the RUI file as a BAK file then renames the TMP file as the RUI file.

Yes, it’s obviously a permission issue, but it’s a RHINO permission issue, as no other program has this type of problem on our servers.

We already had this type of problem with normal Rhino file saving in V5 - you would get the famous message:

Error replacing backup file "\\blablabla.3dmbak and original file “\\blablabla.3dm” with temp file “\\blablabla.tmp”. Replace file function failed with error code 0.

This was fixed in V6 for Rhino 3dm file saving, so it’s possible to do. I don’t see why you can’t fix it for .rui files as well. To add to that, V5 does not behave the same way, .rui files residing on our server do not cause this problem to happen. Therefore, something was changed concerning the saving of .rui files in V6 that now causes this problem to happen.

On an aesthetic note, I would also like to reiterate how “not-nice” the auto-centering behavior of vertical text-only toolbar buttons in V6 is…



Hello hello?

@JohnM - do you have any idea what’s going on here with the saving?